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Between Heaven & Hell

Label: Columbia ‎– CL 1774

Released: 1967

In 1962 these were new kinds of songs which sing of a real world, of real people, of the universal dilemma we all are living here: Between Heaven & Hell. It includes twelve original compositions, two of which are the poetry of Gwendolyn Brooks and Paul Laurence Dunbar to which Oscar composed music. This turned out to be rare in that, throughout his long and prolific songwriting career, there are only a handful of instances where OBJ took inspiration from another writer's poetry, and composed music; making it a song in his repertoire.

When OBJ sings, he reveals a complete human being. Struggling with tenderness and turmoil, hostility and heart, clarity and confusion. You hear and see real people.”

-- Billy James


  1. Mr. Kicks

  2. Hazel's Hips

  3. Excuse Me For   Livin'

  4. Lucky Guy

  5. Forbidden Fruit

  6. Opportunity, Please   Knock

  7. Elegy (Plain Black   Boy)

  8. Sam's Life

  9. Hymn To Friday

  10. Love Is Like A New   Born Child

  11. When Malindy Sings

  12. World Full Of Grey

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