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Poems, Essays & Plays

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Africa Brown and Shanta Mc Swain in Oscar Brown Jr.'s In De Beginning 1976


A poet sings of various things reflecting like a mirror. In literate lights some sharp insights

and draws their image clearer. A poet sings on worded wings each message to the hearer.

In fluent flights, a poet writes and draws the distance nearer. - OBJ "A Poet Sings"



Philosophical Poems

By Oscar Brown, Jr.  

Here are some philosophies poetically expressing his ideologies.



Humorous Poems

By Oscar Brown, Jr.  

Wit and wordsmithery, we find OBJ could be as hilarious as he was serious.



When Listening To Jazz

By Oscar Brown, Jr.  

Musing, OBJ created poetry that can be sung to some of his favorite Bebop. He referred to this set of poetry as "appreciated when listening to".

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Heroic Ballads

By Oscar Brown, Jr.  

This section shared poignant OBJ prose, in honor of some of his heroes.




By Oscar Brown, Jr.  

A sample from his extensive collection of poetry written in sonnet form.



Long Songs

By Oscar Brown, Jr.  

Oscar said, his Long Song poems are lengthy at various subjects.

OBJ said he “discovered” Shakespeare when he learned that the iambic pentameter meter which Shakespeare used was to be found also in the Blues. He ambitiously wrote his musical CRECIE entirely in verse, using this rhyming quatrain, sonnet form.  “Nearly two hundred sonnets came pouring forth from April 9 to May 10, 2003. They came as a result of the political thinking I had been doing at the time.” Here is a small offering of some OBJ Sonnets.  Check back here at OscarBrownJr.Org, as we will be releasing his set of sonnets called:  THE OUTPOURING.


OBJ is one of the most prolific poets and lyricists of the 20th Century, yet many do not know how extensively he wrote expressing his philosophical and political views in essay form.  Here is just a sample. Check back as this essay area will be updated periodically.



By Oscar Brown, Jr.  


OBJ's family can remember his developing treatments and synopsis for his numerous stage productions from the earliest days. In most cases, here are Oscars words describing his theatrical musicals. Theater organizations interested in the scripts should please send their contact info and inquiry via contacts.



By Oscar Brown, Jr.