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Movin’ On

Label: Atlantic ‎– SD 1629

Released: 1972

This is the fist of three recordings Oscar released while at Atlantic Records in the 1970’s. Expanding his genre to include Funk/Soul and Blues, Oscar establishes he is the original hipster poet- before Gil Scott and Curtis Mayfield. While the album sold well and despite many jazz disc jockeys and late night R&B jocks keeping A Ladiesman in heavy rotation, the album did not register any “hits.” Most men will confess their affinity for “A Ladiesman, ” in which OBJ personifies coolness, wit, and sex appeal, insightfully poem-speaking his take on the prime years of a man’s life. That track and others are enriched with background vocals by Cissy Houston and Tender Loving Care, who were the A-List, session singers for Atlantic at the time.


  1. A Dime Away From A Hot Dog

  2. Walk Away

  3. Feel The Fire

  4. A Ladiesman

  5. No Place To Be Somebody

  6. To Stay In Good With You

  7. Gang Bang

  8. First Lady

  9. Young Man

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