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Sin & Soul

Label: Columbia ‎–

Released: 1961

Oscar Brown, Jr's debut recording, Sin & Soul is a true classic.Brown’s original compositions reflect his experiences growing up on Chicago’s Southside. At the top of the 1960’s Oscar Brown, Jr. took the entertainment world by storm. Brilliantly marrying his lyrics with jazz standards, "Work Song," “Dat Dere” and "Afro-Blue." All of which have become jazz vocal standards-and at least one of which have been covered by every earnest jazz vocalist. This album includes the incredibly humorous "But I Was Cool" and "Signifyin' Monkey." "Bid 'Em In" is a sobering and accurate depiction of a female slave auction; and "Rags and Old Iron" is a deeply touching song juxtaposing a lost relationship with the discarded refuge of a Ragman.

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