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We’re Live

Label: Mag Pie Records Co / ESP Disk 4071

Released: 2002 / 2012

We're Live is a concert evening recorded in April, 2001 at Chicago's HotHouse for International Performance. The CD was Produced by Maggie Brown and released on her Mag Pie Records in 2002, and has since been repackaged and distributed by ESP Disk (2012). Father and daughter had been performing together for many years by the time this performance was captured. Following in their showbiz family tradition of practicing nepotism, Africa Pace Brown was invited to join-in, making her recording debut on We’re Live.

This was intended to be the first of many to come, however, the sudden passing away of their father in 2005 shifted the work of Maggie and Africa Brown to not only sing together, but also craft a dynamic future managing the Oscar Brown, Jr. Archive Project, and carrying their Brown family legacy forward.


  1. Introductions

  2. Young Jazz

  3. Bird To Word/ Billie Brown’s Bounce

  4. Bird Chase

  5. Midnight (On This Beach)

  6. A Tree and Me

  7. All Blues Medley

  8. Strongman

  9. Insight

  10. When Malindy Sings

  11. All Over (Ode Owed Youth)

  12. My Little Maggie

  13. Brown Baby

  14. Old Lover’s Song

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