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Brother Where Are You

Label: Atlantic ‎– WPCR-27687

Released: 1974

Oscar Brown, Jr’s third-and final-album on Atlantic, includes “The Lone Ranger,” the only single OBJ had climb the R&B charts. In the spring of 1974 the song made it to #27 on the R&B charts and #69 on the Hot 100.“The Lone Ranger” was a hit on radio but then abruptly removed from the stations. Give it a listen and you decide why.

The title track contains hallmark words the multi-faceted songwriter would often close his shows with: “Brother Where Are You” has been remixed by British producer, Matthew Herbert, used most recently in the Showtime series The Chi.


  1. The Lone Ranger

  2. Under The Sun

  3. The Joneses

  4. If You Came Back

  5. Separate Ways

  6. Brother Where Are You

  7. I Love San Francisco

  8. Who Knows What Goes When   The Doors Close?

  9. Memory Lane

  10. From My Window

  11. Like A Flower

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