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Label: Atlantic ‎– SD 18106

Released: 1974

Jazz and R & B producer and record label entrepreneur, Joel Dorn, on Oscar’s days at Atlantic Records: “I was a big fan and recall Oscar’s album Sin & Soulon Columbia and Mr. Oscar Brown, Jr. Goes to Washington on Fontana, were two of the most requested albums I ever played during my radio days in Philadelphia.”

Credits for this project reads like the “Who’s Who of Chicago.” Jerry Butler produced at Paul Serrano Studios, and the musicians included: Billy Branch, Phil Upchurch and Master Henry Gibson. “Modern Electric Blues” was added to the already hyphenated genres OBJ was being placed in.


  1. Rilly?

  2. Sally B. White

  3. Hazel's Hips

  4. Chicken Heads

  5. Don't Mess With Bessie

  6. Ghetto Scene

  7. Granny

  8. But I Was Cool

  9. Let's Get Drunk (And Be Somebody)

  10. Bull "Bleep"

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