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Live Every Minute

Labe: Minor Music ‎– MM 801071

Released: 1998

Oscar Brown, Jr’s lyric set to jazz trombonist, Julian Priester’s “Long As Your Living” inspires the title of this CD, Live Every Minute, which was recorded in Germany, for Minor Music. It includes a mix of combo and big-band arrangements, and features Stanley Turrentine. Like his first CD release in 1996, this gives new treatment to several OBJ’s classics and includes previously unreleased gems.

“As firmly as I believe Mark Murphy’s name should be as familiar as Sinatra’s, I think the three magic words that comprise Oscar Brown Jr. should be as recognizable as Ray Charles. Max Roach declared him ‘beyond all categories: one of the most gifted and imaginative artists we have.’ Nothing has changed.”  --CHRISTOPHER LOUDON, Jazz Times, on OBJ, Live Every Minute CD.


  1. Long As You're Living

  2. Dat Dere

  3. The Snake

  4. It's October

  5. Mr. Kicks

  6. World Full Of Grey

  7. Haven't I Loved You Somewhere

  8. A Column Of Birds

  9. Hazel's Lips

  10. Billie's Bounce

  11. Old Lovers Song

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