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Mr Oscar Brown, Jr. Goes to Washington

Label: Fontana

Year: 1965

In 1964 Fontana Records signed and recorded Oscar Brown, Jr. live while appearing at the Cellar Door. In his open letter to the US government calling for reparations to Blacks for slavery, “40 Acres and a Mule” is swinging, humorous, cutting and incisive. Most of the songs deal with more universal and timeless topics including love and relationships and the pressures endured when living double, in “A World of Trouble. Nothing is more tender and jolting than “Muffled Drums,” Brown’s reverent tribute to “fallen chieftain” John F. Kennedy.


  1. One Life

  2. Beautiful Girl

  3. Maxine

  4. Maggie

  5. Living Double In A World Of Trouble

  6. Glorious Tired Feeling

  7. Tower Of Time

  8. Muffled Drums

  9. Brother Where Are You?

  10. Forty Acres And A Mule

  11. Call Of The City

  12. Summer In The City

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