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Then and Now

Label: Weasel Disc Records

Released: 1995

When indie label owner Cork Marcheschi approached Oscar Brown, Jr. about making a new record, it had been 20 years since he recorded a studio album. As the title indicates, the CD brings forward eight remakes of songs from his first two albums for Columbia (Then), plus eight previously unreleased songs from, what was by then, a treasure trove of material (Now). This project would be the first -and only- time OBJ made a recording with his son, and music collaborator, Oscar Brown, III. A sought after bassist, nicknamed Bobo Brown. From a young teenager he worked in musical partnership with his father and was the inspiration for OBJ’s classic lyric to Bobby Timmons, “Dat Dere.”


  1. Dat Dere

  2. Opportunity Please Knock

  3. Somebody Buy Me A Drink

  4. Signifyin' Monkey

  5. Afro Blues

  6. Work Song

  7. Rags On Old Iron

  8. Elegy

  9. Honeydo

  10. Give Me More

  11. The Entertainer

  12. Hymn To The Homeless

  13. Debris

  14. Cyberspace Is The Place

  15. Journey Through Forever

  16. Old Man

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