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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.


It is not uncommon for the mentally ill to deny their psychosis and accuse others of being crazy. Such seems to be the case with white America. So psychologically savaged by centuries of racism are most of them, that white Americans cannot begin to imagine, nor do they care to, the devastating damage they have done to those who are the objects of color prejudice. The practice of white supremacy so hardens its proponents that they grow ill-mannered, and totally insensitive to the needs, rights, and feelings of most of the human family. They declare themselves "masters" and seek to enforce their "mastery" at gunpoint.

While to those "ripped off", such conduct is a crime, it is crime that has paid some of its perpetrators handsomely. As a result, many of its perpetrators are now the rich and famous, the high and mighty, the strong and powerful, the movers and shakers and takers who have no intention of giving up their ill-gotten gains without a gun battle. In dealing with the successful criminally insane who are both armed and dangerous, we must exercise extreme caution and good judgment.

For one thing, we must recognize that all white people are not involved in racist practices in the same way. Some may be considered "innocent" beneficiaries of the racism of others. Their crime is one of complicity after the fact, Some of these individuals actually seem embarrassed sharing the spoils of color prejudice they have thrust upon them, just because they happen to bear the complexion of the dominant race. . Any racist dementia these innocent beneficiaries suffer, would appear to be incidental and curable.

On the lunatic fringe, of course, we have a real-life threatening problem. The ranks of the hard-bitten racists include all sorts of fascists, Ku Kluxers, survivalists, skinheads, and others who are all very scary on purpose. Their cases are hopeless as far as a cure is concerned. They advocate race war, and about the only thing to do is to try to blow them away if it comes.

The racism of the overwhelming majority of white people, however, is neither benign, nor bellicose, but is rather much like a custom with which they are comfortably familiar. They have enjoyed the advantages of being white in America and are quite capable of vehemence on the subject. As is the case with much public opinion, the racist attitudes of most white people in America ebb and flow with events as they are brought to public attention.

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