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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.


Round the sun so brightly burning

Day by day we go sojourning

All aboard this twisting, turning

Space ship called the planet earth

From the sun comes radiation

Solar source of all creation

Force for full regeneration

Free of charge for all it’s worth

Puzzled on the planet, stranded

With the baggage we were handed

At that point where we were granted

Passage through the universe

None of us can boast of knowing

Where a one of us is going

From this stage where we keep showing

Acts which we did not rehearse

Naked we all come here needing

Constant care and frequent feeding

Just a helpless breed of pleading

Creatures crying to survive

Without nature’s laws to guide us

Without nature to provide us

Nourishment to put inside us

Not a one would be alive

That’s why it becomes appalling

To see greedy creatures crawling

‘cross our planet vainly calling

This, or that spot, their domain

Man! Our kind did not begin it

All the power mankind has in it

Hardly equals any minute

Of a single hurricane

After all we’re only human

Every blessed man and woman

Inching quickly toward a tomb and

Meanwhile feeling for some fun

This not everyone agrees on

Still it seems to stand to reason

To make sense of this brief season

We are spending in the sun

Like a relay racer’s baton

What we’re spending must be passed on

No soft spots here to be sat on

Only points from which we spring

Into regions more eternal

Whether holy, or infernal

Is a point of deep concern all

Ages are left pondering

Reason is a tool a lever

We employ when we are clever

As we journey through forever

To another point of view

Life the baggage we are bearing

Calls for reason’s constant caring

Through this spell on earth we’re sharing

You with me, and I with you

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