• Oscar Brown, Jr.


Gravity is God in disguise

Operating right before your eyes

Always there to put a tug

On whatever load you lug

Any way you carry weight

Gravity will aggravate

Gravity is God laying low

Pulling on you like an undertow

Taxing you at every chance

By increasing its demands

On your energy and strength

Payment’s to be made at length

Gravity is God hiding out

Although always around and about

Gravity need not appear

To establish presence here

The completely pure and clean

Evidence of things unseen

Gravity is God with a task

Gravity you do not even ask

For exemption nor relief

From demands that bring you grief

Gravity you face in awe

Gravity you say is: “Law”

Gravity is God you must fear

One you know is always now and here

Calling into all accounts

Every instant, inch or ounce

Whether it be small or large

Gravity exacts a charge

Gravity is God to the grave

Gravity makes no attempt to save

Any sinner from the jaws

Of disaster sin can cause

No one sent to intervene

Serving as your go-between

Gravity is God, you well know

Who is strict and unforgiving so

Do not ask what price is paid

For a fatal error made

Just as well to save your breath

The one penalty is death

Gravity is God well disguised

Therefore, you may not have recognized

The Great force with which you dealt

The Omnipotence you felt

Knowing who that had to be

Truly. God is Gravity

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