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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.


I found the 411

On just how gravity has run

The earth and moon and sun

As ‘round each other they are spun

Great cosmic wheels in wheels

Rotating in their reels

Their orbiting reveals

They are involved in astral deals

Deals that the stars accept

And at which planets prove adept

So distances are kept

No mass’s energy is swept

Into another’s sphere

Where it might disappear

To remain free and clear

To themselves masses must adhere

The planet earth, of course

Has a strong centripetal force

So energy like yours

And mine is secured to its source

Pulling us actively

Acting attractively

A pull that has to be

The force that we call “gravity”

Gravity must be dealt

With or an injury is felt

In its grip all is held

And nothing ever gets repelled

When any body tries

Lifting from where it lies

It calls for exercise

Or gravity won’t let it rise

Gravity requires strain

And gravity produces pain

You battle it in vain

Unless good balance you maintain

Find equilibrium

Otherwise you become

A victim of the sum

Of heights that you have fallen from

Balance: gravity’s friend

Is in a spot to recommend

What energy you spend

If gravity lets you extend

Above the solid ground

To which every mass is bound

You pay for every pound

Therefore, good balance must be found

No savior has been sent

With divine orders to prevent

A plummeting descent

Or catch you in any event

Whether you live and learn

Is none of gravity’s concern

For energy you burn

All you receive is what you earn

Even though lives are claimed

People fall, get killed and maimed

Among the culprits named

Gravity never once gets blamed

You lament balance lost

But never do feel double-crossed

At paying the full cost

Of any fall down you get tossed

By forcing us to fall

Gravity has preserved us all

For whether large or small

Dumb mass is at its beck and call

At gravity’s command

You must have balance just to stand

Misplace your balance and

You learn how you are bound to land

We all come down to earth

From the first moment of our birth

Which will, for what it’s worth

Afford but little cause for mirth

Caught in earth’s orbit, tight

We’re spun around with all its might

Rotating, day and night

During a universal flight

Though gravity, as such

Consists of nothing you can touch

It influences much

Clasping all tightly in its clutch

A force too firm to fight

Of which nobody catches sight

Gravity will decide

Any disputes concerning height

Gravity’s like a debt

That you ignore to your regret

For gravity won’t let

A payment due, go by unmet

Gravity’s on our backs

Its tax collections don’t relax

We learn its basic facts

Or rapidly gravity acts

There can be no delay

In paying what we have to pay

Gravity will not say

We are excused in any way

But we can see that so

We pay however much you owe

That much we have to know

Or down we’re surely bound to go

Damages from a fall

Depend on circumstance and all

Whether a drop is small

Or from a story that is tall

No matter how you feel

Gravity stays on even keel

It makes a strong appeal

In any deal that it may seal

I got the 411

On how the deal is being done

And so I have begun

To have myself a bit of fun

As I enjoy my share

While knowing how I must take care

Displaying how I dare

Play by the rules I feel are fair

The sun, the earth and moon

With one another are in tune

They balance out or soon

With debris heaven would be strewn

Therefore, I realize

That I can only see clear skies

Long as things harmonize

And equilibrium applies

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