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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.


"Robeson's a red"

The papers said

"A communist"

They would insist

"Belonging to those subversive groups

"Of fellow travelers and 'dupes'

"Disloyal to the U.S.A.

"And our All-Amer'can way

"Collaborating with our foe

"To Russia's where he ought to go"

But Paul shot back

Not red but black

"The world can see

"Negroes aren't free

"We are still victims of Jim Crow

"You have not let my people go

"From the enslavement we have known

"Since we were brought for whites to own

"However, this is now My Land

"So consequently Here I Stand"

Paul clenched his fist

Vowed to resist

Jim Crow and fight

With all his might

That's when the white supremists’ willed

That this great voice had to be stilled

They held the power of the state

This black man's fate they could dictate

Because they held the upper hand

(The battle went the way they planned)

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