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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.


Once time was quantity untold

there to try my patience

But time has turned as I've grown old

And altered our relations

It started as my life long mate

Albeit quite a bore

A big lump on which I had to wait

And always there'd be more

Time Time Time Time

'Twas time I figured for a fool

And time I used to curse

Not knowing time is nature's tool

To school the universe

Time put a twinkle in my eye

Assured me I was cute

Then played the maiden flitting by

With me in hot pursuit

Time Time Time

With time I grew more wise and strong

And as I hit my stride

Time brought experience along

To serve me as my guide

Experience it was, in fact

That led me to the truth

By taking me behind time's back

To view my dying youth

Time Time

'Twas time had taught my youth to fly

And with my youth had flown

But now my youth was left to die

As time flew on alone

I begged my youth, "Don't die like this

"Remain with me a while"

Time turned and gave us both a kiss

And youth died with a smile


You killed my youth", I cried, " A crime

"Too frightful to be true!"

"Yes, happy birthday", shouted time

"And happy new year, too"

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