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Tax collectors have a fit About funds I won't remit (Back in '66 I quit (They say I owe quite a bit) But why send the IRS Any money I possess When, unless I miss my guess I owe no one for this mess? I descend from slavery which Made the very people rich Who now bitch for me to pitch More "scratch" on their "Midas Itch" But although they say I owe Them a portion of my dough Evidence will clearly show What they’re sayin’ just aint so After centuries of pain Under the gun, whip and chain Black people hardly remain Obligated to white gain None of us has been repaid For the contributions made Since our race was first waylaid By the African slave trade As oppressive as they've been Against us and all our kin Since they dragged our forebears in Cursed because of their black skin How now, without sign of shame Making like they bear no blame Do white people dare to claim We should share because we came?

Considering the fate we met

How could we incur a debt?

When its to our deep regret

That on this course we got set

It should go the other way

It is they who ought to pay

Reparations from the day

Slavery first came into play

How, on soil where we've been robbed

Where for centuries we sobbed

Murdered, raped, degraded, snobbed

Segregated and lynched mobbed

Can they convince me and you

Some further tribute its due

After all that we went through?

In no way can that be true

Time to face historic facts

And for us to give the axe

To the goddamn income tax

IRS collects from blacks

I will not send IRS

Any money I possess

Since, I’m eager to confess

I owe no one for this mess

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I love this !

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