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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.


We exist so we can see

Existence is got to be

In accord with all the natural laws

But then, sorting nature out

To learn what it is about

We approach a point at which we pause

We see all that ever was

Has a reason why because

Something all existences require

Save for one which did occur

For no reason, as it were

And no cause to be considered prior

All existences, as such

Need some last finishing touch

From outside which turns them to themselves

But the One came on its own

Into being all alone

Without need for any outside helps

As the stop which was the start

At the heart of every part

As the flood from which all fluids flow

As the light that never dies

And the answer to our whys

Taking us as far as we can go

This existence we can trust

Whose existence is a must

Only One, one more would be a sham

This creative sourceless force

Is by any name, of course

The Almighty I AM that I AM

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