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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.


(Appreciated when listening to Straight No Chaser, by Thelonius Monk)

Been takin’ it straight

Because its taste is so great

It needs no chaser

In any way, sir

That would be wrong

The drink’s supposed to be strong

So why dilute it

Or tr to mute it

Chaser would weaken it

Depleting the pleasure that I seek in it

By takin’ it straight

Been takin’ it straight

‘Cause I can sincerely state

And safely say, sir

It needs no chaser

to wash it down

It’s not a drink to be drowned

don’t wish to wash it

Nor camouflage it

Chaser would soften it

Diminishin’ how I’m gettin’ off on it

By takin’ it straight

Been takin’ it straight

Since I would certainly hate

To have a Chaser

Like an eraser

rub out the taste

No, I don’t want it erased

Prefer to savor

The total flavor

Knowin’ a taste like this

Is one about which I’m gonna reminisce

I’m takin’ it straight

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