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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.


(Appreciated when listening to DB Blues, by Lester Young)

In the days before jazz received a college education

When the location of a happening sound

Would get grapevined around

All the cats would come clean

As we’d descend on the scene

To seek what could be found

Observin’ the ladies

Observin’ their faces, their shapeliness

The ways they’d dress

Artistic tastes which they expressed

Appreciatin’ music

Sittin’ at bars

Diggin’ stars

And giving up ovations

For some hip improvisations


That’s what was swingin’


That they’ld be bringin’

With each note they played

In a serenade

Made to a jazz beat

Jumpin’ the blues

And payin’ long overdues

Runnin’ their sound

Right into the ground

Every note played to that beat had

A message that

Summoned us to visit the spot

For the enjoyment we got

Listenin’ to jazz played hot

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