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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.


(Appreciated when listening to Music by Thelonius Monk)

Categorize me

Well, you needn't

And scrutinize me

Well, you needn't

To analyze me

No you needn't

If me you knew

We could be through

If you're here to pry

Well, you needn't

Get nearby to spy

Well, you needn't

In privacy I

Am proceedin'

To live my life

With Nell, my wife

How things may go

Behind our doors

Needs to be no

Concern of yours

Therefore, we chide

Our little kids

Don't go outside

And blow your lids

Bout what we hide

Or deeds we did

In our private lives

Investigate me

Well, you needn't

Interrogate me

Well, you needn't

Nor regulate me

Hell, you needn't

Leave me be me

Then leave me be

Since I am prone

To be unknown


They want you to play

Well you needn't

Though beg you they may

Hell, you needn't

They see by the way

You're proceedin'

Desire to play

Became passé

You don't want to touch

The piano

Why it's now too much

No one can know

You have become such

A great man, so

No one will try

To question why

To put on shows

You flat refuse

You don't compose

You lost that muse

Your music on which

Fans have fed

Has pulled a switch

On you and fled

So sad to say it's being said

You're out of your head

Compose or perform

Well, you needn't

Because it's the norm

Well, you needn't

Why should you conform

There's no reason

To live a lie

Why even try

Bid it good-bye

And let it die

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