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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.


(Appreciated when listening to Billie’s Bounce, by Charlie Parker)

Although she weighs 150 pounds

Every ounce

Billie Brown's

Concentrated right where it counts

In all her skirts, shirts, sweaters, slacks, and gowns

Stacked up into some mellow mounds

A 'jiggling up and down

So Billie's got a bounce

Billie's bounce. Billie's bounce

Her jiggle when she wiggles and walks aroun'

Got some clowns

Here in town

Set to give their spouses the grounds

To get divorced and scuttle their bank accounts

Husbands are howlin' like they're hounds

So eager to announce

They go for Billie's bounce

Billie's bounce. Billie's bounce

Though sisters say her jiggle is too pronounced

As they frown

She astounds

Brothers making serious sounds

About this full physique of Billie Brown's

Cats who are plotin' how to pounce

On all the sass and flounce

Built into Billie's bounce

Billie's bounce Billie's bounce

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