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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.


(Appreciated when listening to Good Bait, by Charlie Parker)

Seafood is my favorite dish

I reckon that's the reason I love to fish

My biggest kick comes when I get where it's wet

Cast in my line and then set

Around and wait

To see who'll rise to my good bait

The bait I use is this worm

My special species, sorta squirmy but firm

I dip him down into the depths of the deep

Swish him around with a sweep

To tickle fate

And see who'll rise to my good bait

That's when the big kicks are mine

I get a nibble, there's a tug at my line

At first the fish may try to put up a fight

But once they've taken that first bite

Then it's too late

To get away from my good bait

As I am reeling 'em in

Some try to flee me with a flip of a fin

Feelin' they're free as I allow 'em some slack

Until I ease 'em on back

My skills are great

Once they get hooked on my good bait

The fight is finally fought

The fishin's finished for the fish has been caught

So what, if she must be some poor mother's daughter

She's a fish out of water

On my plate

Because she rose to my good bait

Say what, you feel for the fish

And so this song does not conclude as you'd wish?

You say the way you fit yourself in the picture

You're the fish, not the fisher

And you further state

You don’t get hooked on bait

Well, I believe what you say

While I’ll be sorry seein' you swim away

Before you go I know we're not gonna quibble

About one little nibble

Or you’ll hate

Yourself for passing up good bait

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