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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.


(Appreciated when listening to Yardbird Suite, by Charlie Parker)

Hey Mrs. Sun

Let's run and have some fun

Let's smile awhile on everyone

I am in love

I am in love

Old Mr. Moon

Looks like a toy balloon

I'm gonna use his service soon

I am in love

Got to rocket off a letter

Saying thanks to my lucky stars

Wonder which would better

Routing it by Jupiter, or Venus and Mars

Laughter and Joy

I keep in my employ

I'm Mother Nature's brand new toy

I am in love


Hey, Father Time

It has been quite some climb

But finally, I’ve made it, I'm

Truly in love

I am in love

Dame Fortune smiled

On me in real grand style

Delivered me an angel child

I am in love

Heaven open up a portal

I just want to tell you although

I may be a mere mortal

But I’ve got an angel right beside me, and so

My blues got hurled out

And my flag's unfurled

I'm waving to the whole wide world

I am in love

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