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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.


(Appreciated when listening to Now’s The Time, by Charlie Parker)

Now is the time to seize

For still it doesn’t freeze

No, nor can it

Be forwarded

As fast as you would please

Time, once you begin it

Keeps you moving in it

Because somehow

It’s always now

At any given minute

Now’s the time to seize

Not sooner or later

Just now

Now is the time it stays

Yes, during all our days

As now one leaves

One now receives

Another in its place

A now is nature’s lever

Leveraging forever

Always insistent

Any instant

Starts as now or never

Now’s the time it stays

Not sooner or later

Just now

This moment is a present

That the past has granted a future

Any more future we get granted

We’ll see at the instant on which it has landed

To take a bow

Will be, somehow

The time we call “now”

Now is the time to come

And now’s the time it’s from

Now is the essence

Of a presence

And the total sum

What it all now amounts to

Is just as now I found you

I also know

A while ago

That now then I was bound to

Now’s the time to come

Not sooner or later

Just now

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