• Oscar Brown, Jr.


There's only One Being

Who's own self created

The rest we are seeing

Were initiated

By One Being who exists

Without any prerequisites

All others enjoy living force

Begot from an external source

One Being alone

Arrived on its own

The One to begin every origin known

One Being with life to instill

You call what so ever you will

There's only One Being

Who's always in season

All you-ing and me-ing

Is caused for a reason

But One Being had the stuff

To cause its own reason enough

Therefore the One Being must be

Creator of both you and me

There has to be one

One less would be none

One more would for sure be a ton overdone

One Being found fit to fulfill

You call what so ever you will

There's only One Being

That none is denying

We all are agreeing

One Being undying

One Being so very vast

That it has forever to last

One Being whose powers extend

From pre-beginning to no end

Because it is thus

We count it a plus

The One who begun you and me stays with us

One Being that nothing can kill

You call what so ever you will

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