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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.


(Appreciated when listening to Blue Monk, by Charlie Parker)

I got the Blues

And I accuse

You of leading them to me

They're what you choose

Always to use

Anytime we disagree

I call 'em my Blues

They're the kind that you design

And then lay on me as mine

I got the blues

I tried to lose

Soon as they began to show

With their bad news

But they refuse

To excuse me and let go

They say they're my Blues

It's with me that they belong

Because you've done me so wrong

I got the blues

Heaping abuse

On my spirits night and day

You're the one who's

Given' them clues

As to how to stick and stay

They say they're My Blues

Their prescription you renew

By the dirty stuff you do

Paying high dues

Crying my blues

Blues I've come to feel I own

Sobbing my tears

Confirms my fears

They belong to me alone

Oh Yes, they are my Blues

Saddest blues were ever blown

Baddest azures ever shown

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