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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.



Take a heaping helping of bologna

Covered with a coat of something phony

Sprinkle on some crap

Set it in a trap

Serve it to a sap

That’s bullshit bullshit

Bullshit bullshit


Bullshit should be odorless and tasteless

Out of sight, anonymous and faceless

Once it starts to smell

It gets hard to sell

Everyone can tell

It’s bullshit bullshit

Bullshit bullshit

Just as soon as bullshit starts to stinkin’

Even stupid people start to thinkin’

They get all uptight

Mad enough to fight

Anything that might

Be bullshit bullshit

Bullshit bullshit

Bullshit! Bullshit!

The slick dreams a trick up and pulls it

The gullible go

For the sham and the show

Long as they do not know

It is bullshit

But if they get wind of something rotten

That can’t be forgiven, nor forgotten

People balk and stall

Market values fall

There is just no call for

Bullshit bullshit

Bullshit bullshit


Bullshit often called by the initials

B.S., has been used by high officials

Playing politics

Pulling dirty tricks

Naturally they mix

In bullshit bullshit

Bullshit bullshit

Bullshit is employed by a warmonger

To defame some names he aims to conquer

To support attack

He’ll distort a fact

His reports all smack

Of bullshit bullshit

Bullshit bullshit

Bullshit bullshit

When shat from a platform or pulpit

Can seem to ring true

All red, white and blue

Until you see through

To the bullshit

Then as you are coming to your senses

As your rude awakening commences

You go into shock

Knowing you took stock

In another crock

Of bullshit bullshit

Bullshit bullshit

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