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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.


As this grave topic one approaches

The care and feeding of cockroaches

By this fact one is quickly struck

Seeing roaches run amuck

Call it destiny or luck

Roaches sure do love to fuck

There's no creature in existence

Multiplies with such persistence

Roaches can't leave fuck alone

Therefore, just to hold your own

In your household make it know

You want all them fuckers gone

No roaches!

There's no pest that quite encroaches

On your privacy like roaches

That's what gets me all irate

Roaches nerve's too fucking great

They get hungry: will they wait?

Hell no! They'll invade your plate

From me roaches get no quarter

They've survived fire, wind and water

Oldest critters on this planet

Act as if they always ran it

Take your goddamn bed for granted

Some say "cool", but I can't stand it

No roaches!

No more saying "Buenos Noches"

To a houseful of cockroaches

Knowing all up in your wall

They be fucking on the crawl

Having them a buggy ball

No, I'm warning one and all

If I see ya, Bam! I gotcha!

Adios la Cucaracha

Not ‘cause I find killing fun

But one of two things must be done

Off them, or get overrun

So I'm saying nada! None

No roaches !

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