• Oscar Brown, Jr.


Here I was cattin’ at this bar

Clean as any movie star

When “Boom” a beauty come a boundin’ through the door

She took the stool right next to mine

I said, “Miss Fine, you look divine

“And by the way, I’m “Pretty Willie”

She said, “R’lly?

I said, “Oh yes and I declare

“Seems like we met before, somewhere

“You look just like a girl back down in Baltimore

“Or was it in New York? I regret

“But I forget where ‘bouts we met

“I’m almost sure it wasn’t in Philly”

She said, “R’lly?”

“I said, “Ant this a doggone shame

“Girl I can’t seem to call your name

“Let’s see, could be Marie, or maybe Eleanor

“To me you’re mighty like a Rose

But it aint Rose. I don’t suppose

“And you don’t look much like no Lilly

She said, ”R’lly?”

I said, “It could be my mistake

“But then what difference does it make?

“Suppose I never did lay eyes on you before

“I’m sure ‘nough lookin’ at you now“ I mean and how, and Momma, Wow!

“You are one fine, young, foxy filly

She said, “R’lly?”

She brushed me off like I was lint

Until I finally took the hint

I drank my drink and did not meddle her no more

I got shot down just like a bird

And all I heard was that one word

I never checked a chick so chilly

I mean R’lly!

OBJ recorded this song on his Atlantic release, Fresh, 1974

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