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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.


No, I ain't got much, it's true

But ain't much I ever do

Hard work done-in Daddy, 'deed it did

But it will never sweat his kid

Toilin' like a natural slave

Put him in an early grave

Hard work did in Daddy, 'deed it done

But it will never get his son

My poverty-stricken condition

And positive lack of ambition

Has caused some to call me an oaf

Just because I'd much rather loaf

While they're sweatin' in the sun

I'll be gettin' in some fun

Busybodies break their necks

Run themselves to nervous wrecks

Hard work felled poor father, sad to say

But I ain't fidna to go that way

The fact I obtain no enjoyment

From regular gainful employment

Causes some to say I'm a slob

When it comes to holding a job

Work is something I go to

When I've nothing else to do

Nothing much is all I need

Love this lazy life I lead

Hard work finished father, took him out

But I ain't 'bout to go that route

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