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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.


Oscar Brown Jr.


Dream of a land, one well worth coming from

A land with fertile nourishment it grows

A land from which great benefits can come

A land through which many a blessing flows

A land with an expansive point of view

That oversees its natural delights

A land receiving all the respect due

Because it is a land of equal rights

A land that is impressive and inspiring

That art can recognize and celebrate

In which the bells of freedom have a bright ring

Projecting peacefulness as a main trait

A land specializing in dignity

And all the benefits of liberty


Dream of a land that looks beyond the cars

And buildings, out beyond its manufacture

That sees the equilibrium of stars

The balances disorder cannot fracture

The basic agreements that must exist

For everything to move with so much grace

To cooperate rather than resist

With everyone allowed the needed space

A land consorting with its people sportingly

Accepting both the mundane and occult

In universal order and accordingly

Accrues the same universal result

A land of people possessed of a class

That only an enlightened country has


Dream of a land in which the thorns and scorn

The stress and the distresses and the strife

The unexpected burdens to be borne

Get greeted as the funky side of life

That has to be considered and endured

Until the arrival of our masks

Or remedies by which it can be cured

So we can continue with needed tasks

A land in opposition to regret

A land in favor of a better way

A land that confidently can expect

To lead its people to a brighter day

And for a crew to operate the place

A more accommodating human race


Dream of a land beholden to its folk

And governed in a way that gives a damn

Before the dream insists I be awoke

To the reality of where I am

Unless reality can be reformed

More to coincide with that sweet dream

Unless the wall of ignorance is stormed

And possibilities good as they seem

Can come as a result of having had

A preconceived notion of what to want

Dream of a land in which to be real glad

A sweet dream that while wide awake will haunt

Until discovery of what to do

In order to make such sweet dreams come true


Reality insists sweet dreams are futile

A trivial pursuit of fantasy

Reality insists on being brutal

Gives scant regard to life romantically

Creates a scene in nightmarish distortion

Where villains swagger with a ruthless virtue

Where CEOs can make off with a fortune

And criminals demand the right to search you

Reality insists that might makes right

And just as sure as terror works for fear

Reality won’t change without a fight

To make its brutal aspects disappear

The struggle with reality is on

It will be waiting by the bed at dawn


While the Totalitarian goes for his gun

To order the world “up against the wall”

We will be creating some righteous fun

Which right into his stick-up we install

We will confront his love for the uncouth

With high regard for how to keep our cools

His lies we will confront with basic truth

In order to deprive him of his fools

He is relying on having the drop

But we have rhythm that will undermine

The Totalitarian up on top

And send him to the back of every line

It is the basic battle of destroy

Up against the force of peace and joy


We have no secret service, no G2

No inside agents in a cryptic code

No need to secret anything we do

But take it up the middle of the road

Right straight into the heart and soul and mind

Intent to capture and to take control

Of any human beings we can find

And cast all of them in a different role

We have openings for many a free spirit

Good hearts and any interested minds

We want to take society and steer it

Toward any good intention it inclines

Our strategic objectives are clear

Wipe out ignorance and outflank fear


We have to set up special training camps

Where honor, truth and beauty can sought

Illuminaries are maintaining lamps

By which insights to wisdom can be caught

There is a need to creatively distract

The minds of the deprived being depraved

By the forces which have now attacked

To see this generation stays enslaved

Old ways must be known and new ones found

As “new duties make ancient good uncouth”

And “we move on up to higher ground”

In the free we’re made to be by truth

We have to get on quickly with the training

While there are yet some rays of hope remaining


Dream of a land in time as yet to come

That can be woven from imagination

Into accomplishment employing some

Genius of a future generation

That has had training in becoming bold

In defense of what is only right

Those who of the “real deal” have been told

Those who are the brightest of the bright

Dream of a land that can be made to be

Out of the fabric of imagination

Arriving however belatedly

To remain around for its duration

A “Dream of a land my soul is from”

And “I hear a hand stroke on a drum”

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