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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.


It is possible to think there is no God

In Whom to have faith; to Whom to pray

We are born and then returned to sod

For reasons no science so far can say

But why ascribe the mystery to a myth

If we lack understanding why contrive one

The mystery is well worth the living with

Why fantasize a truth, but realize none?

A Godly realization has to come

From the acceptance of a higher power

And the intangible place it is from

Profound enough to provide cause to cower

I pray to God because it seemed to me

If there were no such thing… there ought to be

There ought to be some power we can thank

For blessings from which we so benefit

There ought to be a presence to outrank

Pomposity that wisdom will outwit

There ought to be a comfort to be sought

In troubled times, a ray of hope to find

There is a mighty battle being fought

In order to enjoy some peace of mind

There ought to be somewhere faith can be placed

There ought to be a love to which to turn

A loving faith by which we are embraced

A teacher from Whom we can always learn

A God to show us everything is His

And just because there ought to be… there is

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