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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.



The weak spots into which viruses snuggle

The crevices where germs acutely crawl

Carrying the diseases they smuggle

Accompanied by bacteria and all

The inner workings and specific functions

On which every body just depends

That has to be considered in conjunction

With all that the immune system defends

They turn the body to a battleground

Where endless skirmishes have to be fought

Because in order for health to be sound

It has to be both preserved and sought

To all its sneak attackers with their challenges

The body must respond with proper balances


The proper balance means the proper rest

The proper food, the proper exercise

And proper cleanliness is also best

When we are dealing with our selves health-wise

Without these proper balances in force

Discomforts and disorders and diseases

Will soon assign you health recovery chores

And medical expenditure increases

The body is a most intricate scheme

With lots of aims and claims and nomenclature

That should be like a gently flowing stream

If it is kept according to its nature

Health depends on proper balance, yes

Doing nothing at all to excess


How often was health completely destroyed

By substances encountered to get high

Something at first meant to be enjoyed

Something just to be enchanted by?

Something that then turned on health to grab it

And hold it in the clutches of addiction

Run through the ruthless rigors of a habit

Something identical to an affliction

A habit can become a lethal lover

Through amplification of demands

The problem then for health is to recover

Once it has fallen in addiction’s hands

The life preserved in such a situation

Will then be thanks to rehabilitation


Nothing has greater value than good health

No other aspect of life qualifies

No wide renown nor benefits of wealth

No higher education, no grand prize

Is comparable in life’s evaluation

By nothing can we be more gratified

Because health brings its own gratification

A sense of being truly satisfied

To have your body in cooperation

With its own best interests and desires

Is the key to- self-appreciation

The foremost thing your happiness requires

There is no better story you can tell

Than truly saying, “I feel very well”


Good health is an unmitigated blessing

Especially when compared to being sick

Is worthy of the cost of its possessing

And that includes the Body Politic

A body has to go with its own flow

Receiving nourishment, removing waste

Allowing itself ample room to grow

The future of the future being faced

Will benefit from having the health stable

In the body in which it has grown

A body to be then considered able

To take care of itself all on its own

A blessing of incomparable wealth

Is the blessing of excellent health


Integrity is something of importance

Exclusively to those people who have it

A quality completely in accordance

With those who have made honesty a habit

But they who do not guard good reputations

They who will risk getting caught in a lie

Unfaithful in their personal relations

Integrity to them does not apply

It will be given no consideration

In competition with self-interest

Integrity will upon such occasion

Become disqualified. A “No Contest”

By anyone possessed of a “forked tongue”

A song that is sincere is seldom sung


America is about to fall apart

As the result of being misbegotten

Conceived in a corruption from the start

Now causing it to turn completely rotten

Incapable of doing what it says

Because of doing what caused it to grow

The heroics America portrays

Are from its good old “dog and pony show”

And now the show is done. The curtains fall

The inner workings of the tricks revealed

The sham no longer holds us in its thrall

The truth can now no longer be concealed

And what is to result from this collapse?

A Phoenix rising from ashes… perhaps


There is danger of a nervous breakdown

From coming in close contact with the facts

Details of a big inter-racial shakedown

Including some sharp change-of-heart attacks

Brought on once the fact had been known

That a fatal mistake has been made

The fact that not until now has it shown

Proves America has been betrayed

In the very delicate condition

The nation is in concerning race

Our taking independent position

That would blow its mind right to its face

Some would want to begin pulling triggers

To shoot down all you ungrateful niggers


One day we weren’t citizens, next day we were

That is what the United States claims

But now back to facts it must defer

So in one day remove all of our names

From the rolls of U.S. Citizens

Where legally we never should have been

Refer to us as “U. S. Denizens”

In the political role we are in

The U.S. government’s move to include

The slaves among its subjects as it did

Became “involuntary servitude”

Was by the 13th Amendment forbid

In addition to a reparation

Reimbursement’s due for trickeration


U. S. Denizens we are who dwell

Within the borders of the U.S.A.

Which legally as far as we can tell

Is not a place we are required to stay

We are free to cross its border should we wish

It is where we for centuries domiciled

And have previously sought to accomplish

Equality. But now are reconciled

To the dictates of the color line

Am in grateful, willing acquiescence

As you all go your way and we go mine

No longer confined to each other’s presence

Transported forward toward better days

We each are going to put in better plays

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