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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.



America is about to fall apart

As the result of being misbegotten

Conceived in a corruption from the start

Now causing it to turn completely rotten

Incapable of doing what it says

Because of doing what caused it to grow

The heroics America portrays

Are from its good old “dog and pony show”

And now the show is done. The curtains fall

The inner workings of the tricks revealed

The sham no longer holds us in its thrall

The truth can now no longer be concealed

And what is to result from this collapse?

A Phoenix rising from ashes… perhaps


There is danger of a nervous breakdown

From coming in close contact with the facts

Details of a big inter-racial shakedown

Including some sharp change-of-heart attacks

Brought on once the fact had been made known

That a tragic faux pas has occurred

The fact that indisputably has shown

America went back on its sworn word

In the very delicate condition

This nation remains in concerning race

Our taking any radical position

Blows America’s mind right to its face

And some would want to begin pulling triggers

Shoot down all of you “uppity niggers”


One day we weren’t citizens, next day we were

That did the trick the United States claims

But now back to facts it must defer

So in one day remove all of our names

From the rolls of U.S. Citizens

Where legally we never should have been

Refer to us as “U. S. Denizens”

In the political role we are in

The U.S. government’s move to include

The slaves among its subjects as it did

Became “involuntary servitude”

Which the 13th Amendment does forbid

In addition to a reparation

Reimbursement’s due for trickeration


U. S. Denizens we are who dwell

Within the borders of the U.S.A.

Which legally as far as we can tell

Is nowhere we are still required to stay

We can cross its borders should we wish

It is where we for centuries domiciled

And have previously sought to accomplish

Equality. But now are reconciled

To the dictates that are color lined

We depart in willing acquiescence

Overjoyed that we are not confined

No longer condemned to each other’s presence

And moving right along toward better days

We each can now put in our better plays


That you owe us is just as obvious

As is the fact you don’t intend to pay

An obligation to which you’re oblivious

According to the government today

The debt is one of the bygones let be

Something incurred by long gone generations

But now must be excused regrettably

Although we made significant donations

You do not feel they ought to be repaid

You seem instead to expect great ovations

For the exemplary mark that you have made

As one of history’s aggressor nations

Instead of one of genuine gratitude

You take a “try and get it” attitude


“Try and get it”? Yes, indeed we will

We will try and get it and succeed

By convincing you, you need us still

And proceeding then to meet your need

You have to undergo some therapy

To curb the aggressiveness, you vaunt

So you don’t feel you summarily

Can take whatever it is you may want

The childishness of any brutal bully

That you exhibit, behind a disguise

We will rip off and expose you fully

To the view of those who scrutinize

Totalitarian, you may rule the world

But not with phony freedom flags unfurled


You the Totalitarian man you are

Threatening all who may stand in your way

Do not apply mascara to the scar

So to disguise the part that you portray

Do not remove the patch over your eye

And do not hide your cannonade away

Keep up the spirit you are guided by

Remain the raging pirate, the Viking

The warriors come from the frozen north

Seizing whatever you found to your liking

When on pirate raids you venture forth

The aspect of the predator toward the prey

Is all that is expected, anyway


If a long life is what one is after

Then better not confront the fascist man

Who will kill and cover the disaster

To overwhelm us any way he can

And how do we confront such an opponent

Who would overwhelm us with his conquest

Deception has become its main component

He would not win the contest were it honest

But he will give you reason to regret

Any time you offer him a challenge

The insecure reaction that you get

By demonstrating superior talents

Learning from the “fair and balanced news”

You may have come in first, but still… you lose


“The Man” to be conquered must be divided

His house set against itself as it were

His teen-aged daughter has to be provided

Alternatives that will appeal to her

His son must be given a revelation

His woman must have an epiphany

His brother must be offered his salvation

All under a comforting canopy

Of harmony and rhythm and of joy

A countermanding tone has to be set

By a vibration given to destroy

The cacophony “The Man” will beget

Obstructing him by rhythm and by rhyme

In blatant commitment of further crime


The family of man is all susceptible

To seductive suggestions of joys

Whether or not they are called respectable

Joy has great appeal to girls and boys

The appeal comes from the strong harmonic

Motion of the energy released

In vibrations that can be a tonic

By which angry attitude’s appeased

The savage breast is known to have been soothed

By charms of which music is possessed

The path to peace and joy was always smoothed

By the energy music’s expressed

Nothing comes from anything that lives

To provide what sounds of music gives


The energy expressed by the Tois Tois

Silenced the guns of Afrikaans police

More power than their weapons could employ

A power that has power to increase

An energy that feeds upon the force

That it derives from its own self-expression

The people provide power from its source

Developed in their grand Tois Tois procession

Black rhythm is the power to pursue

To bring to any power confrontation

The Tois Tois is the sort of thing to do

To cause an uptight white great consternation

The more taught any uptight white is strung

The greater disappointment to his young


Life is basically to be enjoyed

By any means that may be of avail

The key to entertainment is employed

To release uptight prisoner from the jail

Of authorities seeking full control

Of whatever aspect they can grab

To charge a fine, a bribe, a fee, a toll

And incarcerate all they can nab

Life is basically out to avoid

Speed traps lying in wait up ahead

Life is trying not to be annoyed

By too many trials before you’re dead

How long your life goes and how it stops

Depends on how you get on with cops


Since you always were called “a black nigger”

Always had skin color to defend

Up against a crowd that’s ten times bigger

Without that much capital to spend

Living in a capitalist system

Seeking to have it affirm its action

So white man pulls “black niggers” up with him

You have been bamboozled to distraction

That is not something to be expected

To eventually happen in due course

That’s not how the food chain is connected

Food chain connections are made by force

If he affirms his action ‘cause you’re black

Because he is white he’ll take it back


Not that the white man is a bad fellow

In this case, because that isn’t so

There is competition as we well know

For everything that Mother Earth will grow

Appetites all have “minds of their own”

All demanding regular supplies

For your hunger you cannot atone

Nor can you forgive your appetites

For survival too much is demanded

To allow for affirmative actions

Life is simply not that helping handed

It requires too many satisfactions

So many obligations to be met

How affirmative can the action get?


The idea of rights and equality

Is of a somewhat suspect origin

Does not reflect domestic policy

We were not brought over to be asked in

That idea developed out of the confusion

Created when Africans were conscripted

In violation of the constitution

As if entrance requirements have been lifted

Who all became Americans en masse

Conscripted into a citizenship

That is by definition second class

Slavery without need for a chain or whip

Who ever suggested that civil rights

Were something for which a Negro fights


“No rights a white man is bound to respect”

That doctrine still remains upon the books

The Supreme Court put it into effect

And it still stares at anyone who looks

The nonsense about white Southern pride

Requiring the Confederate flag be hoisted

Suggests the Dred Scott case has been retried

And on us its decision once more foisted

How dare a man deny another rights

A predator of such pomposity

It is his own humanity he spites

Exhibiting unmerited ferocity

The “Peculiar Institution” was ruled out

But still has the benefit of the doubt

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