• Oscar Brown, Jr.


Eve and Adam had a garden

Everything was "Jake"

Till one day a voice said, "Pardon

"Miss, my name is snake

"See that apple over yonder

"If you take a bite

"You and Adam both are bound t'

"Have some fun tonight

"Go on and eat

"Forbidden Fruit

"It's mighty sweet

"Forbidden fruit

"It's quite a treat

"Forbidden fruit

"Go ahead and bite it

"Bet you'll be delighted"

The Lord had said in the beginnin’

'"Everything here's free

"Cept that apple, it leads to sinnin'

"Leave that apple be"

But Eve got tempted, so she tried it

And as chicks can do

Teased that man till he decided

He'd just try some, too

"Come on and eat

"Forbidden fruit

"It's mighty sweet

"Forbidden fruit

"It's quite a treat

"Forbidden fruit

"Go ahead and taste it

"You don't want to waste it"

I hate to tell y'all what follered

The Lord was most upset

Saw them makin' love and hollered

"What have you two et?"

When they made a full confession

The Lord said, "Well, I see

"I'll just have to teach a lesson

"Bout not mindin' me

"You had to eat

"Forbidden fruit

Just cause it's sweet

"Forbidden fruit

"Think it's a treat

"Forbidden fruit

"You done went and did it

"Now you're gonna git it!"

The Lord made Eve be Adam's madam

Have his kids and all

Laid some labor laws on ol’ Adam

Made that snake to crawl

Ever since the days of Eden

This worlds’ been sinful, my

Nowadays folks are even eatin'

Apples in their pie

They love to eat

Forbidden fruit

'Cause it's so sweet

Forbidden fruit

It's quite a treat

Forbidden fruit

"Go ahead and bite it

"Bet you'll be delighted

"Go ahead and taste it

"You don't want to waste it

"You two went and did it

"Now you're gonna git it

Forbidden fruit

Forbidden fruit

OBJ recorded this song on his Columbia release: Between Heaven & Hell, 1967

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