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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.


Just came from seein’ Buddy Jones

He’s in intensive care

Yeah, fell and broke a bunch of bones

I witnessed it… I swear

Ol’ Buddy’s got a lot of heart

Especially when he’s drinkin’

We’re at this penthouse party

And he gets so drunk he’s thinkin’

That he can fly up to the rooftop

Twelve or fifteen feet

Although it is a pretty good drop

From the penthouse to the street

“Who wants to bet me that I won’t?”

He hollers to the crowd

“I got a dollar says you don’t!”

Some gambler yells real loud

Ol’ Buddy climbs up on the sill

Steps out onto the ledge

Tells me to bet his dollar bill

And goes right off the edge

I’m tellin’ you ol’ Buddy’s brave

And lucky he’s alive

I still hear that shrill shriek he gave

When he was in his dive

He grabbed onto a flagpole

That protruded from the wall

It tore loose when he caught hold

But it sorta broke his fall

He crashed through tall tree branches

Bounced high off a canopy

Under the circumstances

How fortunate can you be?

Some righteous prayer he must’ve said

While he was still aloft

‘Cause he lands in a flower bed

Where the sod was nice and soft

But now ol’ Buddy’s mad at me

He says, “It’s all your fault

“Since I was drunk, as you could see

“You should have called a halt”

But I told him, “Of course I knew

“Your drinkin’ led you to it

“But, Buddy, I was drinkin’ too

So I bet you could do it

I guess that’s how our story ends

It’s sort of sad to tell

I’ve lost one of my closest friends

And the buck I bet, as well

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