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  • Oscar Brown, Jr.



The CIA seeks Osama Bin Laden

And just may capture him one of these days

Once into CIA hands he is gotten

They’ll make him sorry for his wicked ways

The ways for which the CIA was watching

While monitoring Osama’s slightest cough

Their CIA assignments got some botching

If Osama pulled nine eleven off

They said at once it was he who had done it

Who carried out that terrifying plan

Who had a terror network and could run it

While he was hiding in Afghanistan

(It seems Osama must have known damn well

(Afghanistan would get bombed all to hell)


While numbers of his members were filmed crawling

Through crude Afghanistan obstacle courses

From some cave they say Osama was calling

The plays for well-coordinated forces

It would be the CIA terror-watchers

Its top-notch experts, expertly equipped

It would have had to be past these top-notchers

That four Arabian terrorist teams were slipped

If Osama laid back in his Afghani

Hideaway masterminded the crime

Communications had to be uncanny

Skyjacking four airliners at one time

Whose ever plan it was they surely hid it

No group so far comes forth and claims: “We did it”


The CIA made a real quick recovery

It knew immediately just whom to blame

(An entirely predictable discovery)

“It was Osama bin Laden” they claim

“The same Osama we have had our eyes on

“Had under close surveillance night and day”

(Save for “Intelligence” the name relies on

(How much intelligence has CIA?)

How on the day following the disaster

Could they have learned Osama had it done

The very same Osama they were after

Who was their “public enemy number one?”

Forewarned of deadly terror he intended

Why was his terrorism not prevented?


Events of nine eleven set conditions

That seem ideal to the fascist warmonger

The master minded monster who envisions

A wide world full of foes he knows to conquer

Who cultivates offenses to commit

Aggressive measures to provoke a fight

While limiting liberties bit by bit

And undermining freedoms right by right

Who is known to be prone to then dictate

And will not tolerate righteous correction

Who seizes every chance to advocate

A Military Industrial complexion

Whose face politically is flawed and pocked

And whose subjects become the awed and shocked


The declaration of an endless war

To be conducted in a nameless cause

Will have us wondering what the war is for

And how to get out its grasping claws

Will we become “Town Tamer” to the world

Participants in bloody barroom brawls

In which a load of lethal lead is hurled

And where the innocent bystander falls?

Will we become the gun-toting buffoon

Who counts on being quickest on the draw

So issues calls to meet him at high noon

For the enforcement of gun-toting law?

Appropriate with six guns on the prairie

But with nuclear weapons very scary


The policy of terror is not sane

It is the product of a provocation

When conventional protest is in vain

Revolting with a violent rotation

Terror is the heavy hand of fear

Balled into a battering of hate

To kill or injure anybody near

Exposing victims to a mindless fate

Collateral damage caused by an obsession

With blind outrage, and mistaken offense

Intent to leave horrifying impressions

The terrorist is tragically intense

And to all who are targeted by terror

The terrorist is terribly in error


Osama, let us say this much as blacks

Although you see us on America’s soil

We do not deserve terrorist attacks

Not here where we were terrorized to toil

Where we are terrorized by the police

Were terrorized some by the Ku Klux Klan

America terrorized us like beasts

For no reason save we were African

We have sufficient problems of our own

Trapped in this great so called “land of the free”

After the terrorism we were shown

We want all terrorists to leave us be

So what we say to those like you, Osama

Is take yo’ terror back home to yo’ mama

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